Drag out of listview to remove item.

Hello experts, I am using listview and treeview controls on many of my forms because it allows me to use drag and drop. When I drop an item onto a listview or treeview I use the OLEDragDrop event and then process the drop. One problem that I would like to solve is when an item needs to be removed from a table. Currently the item is displayed in my listview control. I would like to simply drag the item out of the control and then drop anywhere to remove the item from the table. I currently use a button on the form to remove the item but I would like to implement the drag. I am not sure how to do this since I only ever have one listview or treeview on a form at a time and the access form does not seem to have the dragdrop event. Is there a way this can be done easily.

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This is not normal M$ behavior. Demonstrated most efficiently when you're using a File Explorer and you attempt to drag an item to an area where its not allowed to be dropped. It simply will not let you. Access drag and drop works using the same DLL and as such, acts the same way. You might consider a special right click menu, or perhaps a destination "Listbox" that you use as a "Trash Can" so that you have somewhere to drop it.

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BasicfarmerAuthor Commented:
I like that Idea, I guess now that I thinnk about it you are correct that it is not normal Behavior. I think I had it in my mind becuase that is how you can remove an item from the tool bar or menu bar when customizing the menus. Thanks for your input.
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