FreeBSD, Unix, 6.3, Initial installation problem, Dell, PowerEdge, 2900 - loses CD during install

I'm new to Free BSD but not to hardware. Sadly most of my experience has been with Windows and a little with Red Hat, so please be patient.
We have a Dell PowerEdge 2900 with a Cd, dual 300MB SCSI drives in a hardware RAID 1, 4G of RAM, and dual quad core Xeon processors.
I downloaded 6.3 i386 ISO from the FreeBSD website, burned the 5 ISOs (including the docs) and began the install.
All components are recognized during the CD boot, and the initial load goes smoothly. After selecting the US as the country, I use the standard install procedure, select All for the disk, select use for the distribution model, accept all the ports, and tell it to use the CD install.
After a brief pause, I get a message that it has successfully written the file structure to disk, then a screen that says
User Confirmation Requested
Unable to transfer the base distribution from acd0
Do you want to try to retrieve it again.
Yes No
This is as far as I can get. At this point, the CD is unresponsive even to the open button, and the only option is to reboot or answer yes/no to an endless loop of the same questions.
HELP !!!!.
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While the cd is mounted, you won't be able to eject it. That's why you can't eject it during the install.

It's possible that your cd is corrupted. If you have internet connectivity, you can install via FTP or HTTP.
llakowAuthor Commented:
I would be happy to try that - do you have an IP address for me to poit at?
I don't have a copy of FreeBSD in front of me to try out, but as I recall, you can change the source location (where you check to use the CD). You should be able to change it to either FTP or HTTP and it will give you a list of servers to use. Where are you located (geographically)?? I can tell you which server is closer to you.
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llakowAuthor Commented:
Also, the system will allow me to eject the CD at any point up to the time I tell it to commit the installation to disk - and I have to believe that it mounted the CD in order to read the install program.
Actually, you can just scroll down the list of available servers to United States and choose any server.

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llakowAuthor Commented:
Still having some CD issues, but you got me where I needed to go - so thanks you.  As a side issue, anyone using a Dell PowerEdge 2900, the dual embedded gigabit ethernet adapters are reverse labeled on the backplane - which is why it took me an extra 24 hours to accept your solution.  once i found that eth0 was on port 2 instead of port 1 ftp worked much better.
llakowAuthor Commented:
I thought you would appreciate learning what the solution to my problem was.

The FTP site to download FreeBSD lists 4 ISOs
Disc1, 2, 3, and Docs

Foolishly, and in the absence of any other information in their installation guide, I created ISO cds for each of the images and proceeded to start the system with the Bootonly cd. (Seemed like a good idea at the time)

It would have been nice if somewhere they mentioned that that CD was "Boot only if you want to download the system from an FTP server".  It couldn't find the files on the CD because they weren't there.

Fortunately, Michael Luca in Absolute FreeBSD had the common sense to mention it.  Otherwise I would probably be chartering a boat about now to drop every computer in my office into the Atlantic Ocean.

no one here or on the BSD forums thought to mention this either.  :(
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