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How to prevent users in xp from closing a specific program running in xp

Hi there, I have a windows xp machine with sp2 loaded, ms office 2003 and a time zone program that displays 5 different time zones on the screen.  Lately users have been closing the time zone program when it should be left running.  Is there a way to force this program to stay open so that users cannot close this specific application?

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Well after much searching many people say there is no way to
handle this with built in WIndow's Measures?? However, unless
this application is making BOGUS claims, it seems a certain program
called "WinTopMost" has the corner on this market, and apparently
they "Claim" that you can disable the Close button on ANY app hyou choose?

Since they seem to have the corner on this market, the software is
not really all that cheap for a simple tweak tool.. Like $55 USD for a single

I do not understand how it is that nobody else can figure out how to do this
through a windows or registry tweak, but some third party app seems to have
come up with the solution? Strange
Is this an application you have made your self or has been made in house with source code etc ?

If so then what language was it made in ?

If not then that may be a bit tough unless you make your own little utility to check to see if an instance of the app is open, if it is not then to re launch it and keep your app running in the background whether it be as a service or just completely hide your app and deny them access to task manager so they cant end the process.
It is not as simple as it sounds. Disabling the 'close' buttopn still leaves a right click and close in the task bar or system tray. Then there is task manager to do it.
You need a tool like Resource Hacker to modity the code (even then it may not be possible to completely remove the ability to close the program). Then remove the 'close button' and a registry hack might disable the righ click option.

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