I need to clarify the changes required for my server mentioned below
No. of users 135
No. of  VPN sites  10
Leased line bandwith at head office 512 kbps
ADSL line 3 MB , using for browsing
Domain Controller  HP ML 350  2 GB RAM
Softwares on Domain controller is as follows.
Exchange enterprise with 145 mailboxes and database size is 130 GB
Faxmker 14 with brooktrout card 4 lines
Trend Micro SMB
Igetmail software downloading around 3500 mails average a day from a catchall group mailbox)  account.

Will there be any problem if database grows more , as of now we do not have a standby server setup for exchange if it goes down and also this is a domain controller.

I want an advise to see  that how best we can re-organise the domain controller
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The database size isnt an issue since your using ent edition.  I hope you have a few storage groups to help facilitate recovery if need be.
Example storage group 1 - Accounting all accounting mailboxes go in here
Storage group 2 - general users
storage group 3 - executive mgt

Lets say a storage group dies you can pull a restore on one group faster than one large group.
There are many solutions to your worry but its comes down to $, time, expertise, etc

You could look at clustering (one machine dies the other kicks in)
You could look at a SAN (the servers connect to a large array of storage and run the dbase/OS off of this high speed device)
Front end / backend servers.

The first thing I would do is get yourself a second domain controller so you can have network services in case your main DC goes down.
Then if there is no budget for other things you can at least formulate a backup strategy so if something happens to a storage group you can restore it fairly quickly.
If you can afford it I would look into clustering if you think the business is going to grow
WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
Budget is not an issue for us, we are 435 staff working for this company. I would like to know about faxmaker , trend micro , igetmail running on domain controller , to be more clear should I move exchange from domain controller or is it advisable to put exchange on domain controller.
WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
Ryansoto said
"Lets say a storage group dies you can pull a restore on one group faster than one large group."

Please let me know the procedure for doing this and which way we should backup the database for doing this.
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For an organization of your size, I would move exchange from the DC. It's not a problem running any of those application from the DC from my experience, but for an organization where budget is not an issue, creating a single point of failure like that when it's not "needed" (moneywise) is not adviceable.

Using cluster/SAN solutions like it's been said here would be the best. But an easy solution; add a second DC and a dedicated mail server for exchange. You would have a much more solid setup.

Every mailbox is stored in a storage group.  What you can do is have multiple storage groups so if one storage group has issues you need to only restore that one smaller vs having 1 huge storage group (where everyone is affected)
How to create storage groups.

Good thing is you can create storage groups now and move mailboxes to them now.

Another way to think about it is - you have everybody in one group if the group goes bad everyone is down.  If you have 5 groups and one goes bad your users in that ONE group are affected.

Now you still have another issue, your using one exchange server.  You can use clustering to provide redundancy.
You can use a SAN
You can use a single exchange server with RAID.
For that many people and since you said money isnt an issue I would do this
Get 2 new servers identical.  Put exchange on one of them then migrate from the old box to the new box.
Do not make this new machine a domain controller.  After you have that machine rolling then I would use the second new server and set up a cluster.

Again this is an expensive route sinc eyour buying 2 machines but its what I would do with a growing company

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WILSON123JAuthor Commented:
defragging wnet smothly , it took hours to complete
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