Is Terminal Server the best solution

I have been using Terminal server to allow users access to an application that requires a lot of bandwith. These users connect through the internet. I have a VPN setup but accessing the application through the VPN is to slow. I have to purchase the licenses soon, so I wanted to be sure this is the best solution.

I also have a Vista using that is timing out after 10 minutes. It is only this user and Terminal Server is configured for Cleint overide without no time out. I am hoping that this is due to the temp license.

Thanks for any information and assistance.
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isaman07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The best solution would be a Citrix server, but since you want to go with Microsoft, then  it's fine. It will work great, just make sure that you secure your VPN by using L2TP/IPSEC tunneling with SSL certificate.
Concerning your vista client, it's not normal that dosconnects. Make sure that the terminal server configuration is done properly.

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