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Hello all, hopefully just a quick question someone can answer for me.  I'm removing an old 2003 Exchange server, and I've gone through all the processes and documentation I could find.  In testing to make sure I wasn't going to break anything, I began to dismount my stores one by one, and found that I still had some users in the "logon" folder within the public folder store.  Obviously, when I dismounted that store, all the users who log on to that exchange server lose the ability to see other users' 'free/busy data' within their calendars.  

There are no user mailboxes left on the server in any of the mailbox stores, and I have successfully moved all replicas of any public folders to another exchange server (I checked the 'instances' folder, and it is empty).  So my question is, when I uninstall exchange on this server, will those users automatically 'logon' to another public folder store to get the free/bush data of other users?

Thanks so much!
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sekhar_kiitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, automatically it will point to the new public folder store. Check the mailbox store -> Properties -> General -> Default Public folder store. To which store it is pointing, when the user connect to public folder it will connect to that particular default public folder store first.

ZumasAuthor Commented:
That was it exactly...  Not sure why, but a couple of the default public stores were pointed to the old PF...  

Thanks again!
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