Laying out report in tabular form (with complete borders around)

Up until now, I've always layed out reports without any structure between report  elements - in other words things were lined up, etc. and maybe there was an underline underneath the header row, and one above the summary, etc. But there was never a need to have a fully enclosed table.

But now I'm having a hard time groking how to display some data as if it were some cells in a spreadsheet. WIth border lines between each row and each column. As an example of what data I'm displaying:

Section Heading:  (this cell spans all three four columns)
Name:           Person 1         Person 2         Person 3
Address:      Address1       Address2        Address3
Frequency:   Quarterly        Monthly           Quarterly
Type:             Single             Consolidated   Consolidated

Basically, "Section Heading" is just a text field, as are the labels in the first column: "Name, Address, Frequency, Type) But then everything in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th columns is coming out of a view in SQL Server.

Thus far I've been able to "insert box" and have that span various sections. So I can box in the data ok, but trying to get lines between the columns and rows where appropriate is challenging. I thought the Cross-tab function would work - but that seems to be more for manipulating numbers or values that can be summarized, grouped, subtotaled, etc. I can draw lines from one side of the outer box to the other and from top to bottom - but this is very inexact - is there a trick I'm missing for getting all of that to line up

I think I must be missing something very obvious. I'm self-taught and though I never had to before, I figured it would be very simple to display data in a table format.
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I had to do something similar recently.  Instead of using the box, I used vertical and horizontal lines.  You can place the horizontal lines at the bottom of the detail section so that they print at the end of every row of your data.  Then place the vertical lines only on the top section making them extend to all sections like you did for the box.

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rreimundAuthor Commented:
Is there anyway to get the horizontal and vertical lines to snap at the corners and intersections?

The issue I had with the box was that I had to constantly fiddle with them to get them to line up just right.

I also was trying to get the top row to have a silver background. This meant layering a smaller box one row tall withsilver background over the big box that spanned multiple rows. I can see how the indiv lines might help.

Also, the various rows aren't repeated so each row is actually it's own detail section. Any way to get those all the same height?
As far as I have found there is no easy way to get lines to snap together.  I always seem to be fiddling with them to get them to look right.

What I do is look at the size and position of the lines I need to align then try to match the x or y coordinates.

You could also move the lines using your keyboard's arrow keys.  I find it easier to use the keys when I have to move the lines just a hair.

To make sure the rows are the same height, use the ruler to determine the size of one then make the height of the other details the same as the first.
rreimundAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys..

the individual horizontal and vertical lines seems to work better than trying to nest boxes, etc.
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