Windows Media Encoder 9 causes my hard drive to lose space?

I installed WME9 earlier this week.

Everything works fine using mms://MAIN:2217/ or mms:// to stream my tv card installed on my desktop to my laptop. The only trouble is that when the data is being sent it causes my harddrive to lose space. I can't find the data using search with size, date or .wmv or .w*. Archive is not activated in WME9 and is grayed out. Doing a Dir on C: shows the size of C: is decreasing after each time I encode the data.

I don't have Windows Media Server so I am using Windows Media Player on the laptop. Any ideas would be nice.
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Try a program like Treesize Pro to see what is taking up all the space.
are you seeing some errors indicating out of memory or out of space?
Could you take a look at the events erros, control panel admin tools.
event viewer
to look at areas for disc space usage check these..
your temp folder usualy located in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp, but it is hidden
unhide your system files Tools folder options view, tick show system files

there is also the disc cleanup tool start all programs accessories system tools run that. It will analyze your hdd.

Do you have system restore running, in the disc cleanup utility once it has finished scanning, open more options, here is 3 new options to free up space, you can delete all but the most recent restore points.

You can also reduce the amount space allocated for system restore, 2% of your hard disc is recomended,
to acces this
 r/click my computer>properties>system restore> settings.
You could also check the amount space allocated for temporary internet files
Tools>internet options>settings.
And finally the good old defrag analyzer is useful to see what state your hdd is in, if there is a lot of red and lots of gaps the discs may read incorrectly and also can cause windows VM to run very slowly.

To offer you another disc analyzer tool that's free
 I use jdisc report it looks similar to the one Callandor has offered but is a fully functioning free tool

Have you changed the default page file size?

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