Replication error -- File does not exist

Somehow a replica path has gotten changed and it throws a file not found error when replication is attempted.  The error message in teh Notes Log is "Unable to replicate SVQCNS1/SERVERS/NTNNA ntn\bower\ArApproval.ft\Invoice and Check Images.nsf.  FIle does not exist on remote server."

The thing messing it up is the ArApproval.ft in the path.  No idea how it got there or how to get it out.
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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The server seems to have cached an entry incorrectly. Restart the server. The way Notes replication finds replicas is to ask the server for a replica of the database to open. The server maintains a list of all databases it knows about, and their repliuca IDs, in order to facilitate this. If the server's cache of replica entries is bad, this can happen.  Fortunately, it is only a memory buffer, so restarting the server should rebuild the list.
Very simple.

1) Check that the file does not exist there.

2) Find where it does exist.

3) CLear the repliction history on both.

4) Force a manual replication between them - once.

I hope this helps !

NTNBowerAuthor Commented:
Tried clearing the History and replicating.  It still remembers the bogus path.  I am going to create a new datbase from the template and move the records to it.
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Is this client to server or server to server? If it is server to server, then there may be an incorrect file name reference in the connection document.
NTNBowerAuthor Commented:
This is from a client to a server.  We even tried creating a new replica.  It created an empty database, then failed with the same error.
NTNBowerAuthor Commented:
That cleared up the replication error.  Thanks.
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