File Download ends incomplete..500 points..

I have a ASP .NET web page which downloads files..It is working perfectly for small & average sized files..But when I download a large file  (17MB file for instance) it starts the download well, but after 2 minutes or so (after downloading about 6MB) it just finishes. The downloaded file is incomplete. Why is this happening and how can I troubleshoot this?

My download code is given below.
                 FileInfo file = null;
                string filename = null;

                // get the fully qualified name of the selected file
                filename = utils.Utils.GetDownloadsArea() + m_filename;

                // get the file data since the length is required for the download
                file = new FileInfo(filename);

                // write it to the browser
                    "attachment; filename=" + file.Name);
                Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream";

Anything wrong or suspicious about this code snippet? What other reasons could cause a file download problem?

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Göran AnderssonCommented:
That code is not downloading anything. It's sending a file as response, it's the browser that's doing the downloading.

It's probably the request time-out that stops the code. Try to increase the time-out value:

Server.ScriptTimeout = 600; // ten minutes
LubomirMasarAuthor Commented:

That is unlikely..I have set the ASPScriptTimeout of the site at a high value (like 54000 seconds) from the IIS admin tool. Is the Server.ScriptTimeout a different property than that? The website ConnectionTimeout is also high at 1800 secs.
Göran AnderssonCommented:
The ASP ScriptTimeout was used by the classic ASP, but I am not certain that it's used by ASP.NET. Besides, you may have a different setting in web.config, which would override any setting in IIS. Specifying the timeout in the code will override any other setting.

A while back I built an application for a company that needed centralised uploading and downloading of large files (hundreds of megabytes), so I have experienced these limits myself. By default there is a 4 MB size limit on uploads, but there is no such size limit on downloads. The only limit for downloads is the script timeout.

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LubomirMasarAuthor Commented:
In any case, I put the Server.ScriptTimeout = 54000 in code prior to download..Made no difference whatsoever..The download is ending exactly after 90 secs. I dont know why it is so.
Göran AnderssonCommented:
90 seconds is the default value for the timeout, which suggests that your attemt to change it failed.

Instead of a timeout of 15 hours, try a more reasonable value, like 15 minutes.

Check if there is a setting for executionTimeout attribute in the httpRuntime element in web.config.
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