Multiple Internet connections with Cisco ASA

We have multiple buildings all terminating at one location.   I currently have a Cisco ASA 5510 which filters traffic to our external router and T-1 line.  We have a cable modem line that I'd like to utilize as we're starting to fill up the pipe on our T-1.  Ideally I would like to filter traffic by buildings.  Is there a way for me to break traffic out by subnet and send all traffic from one particular building over the cable modem and have all other traffic go out over the T-1? If so, can you provide me with some help in configuring this?  

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what do you have in the outside network fo the ASA?  

you should be able to route the traffic out the outside interface by subnet to either the T1 of cable.
erndog5800Author Commented:
I'm not sure if I understand the question.  This ASA is on the edge of our network, so currently it is set up as ASA -> Router -> T-1 -> Internet.  I was hoping to bypass the router completely and connect an interface of the ASA directly to the cable modem.    So, to clarify, four of my buildings would continue to go out through the firewall-> router ->T-1 -> Internet. While one building would go out through firewall -> Cable Modem -> Internet.  
You can't do what you're wanting to do with the ASA alone.  I think what you are looking for is called Policy Based Routing (PBR).  Read through the following document and see if this fits your scenario.

Specifically in that document, read the first benefit under the section named "The Benefits of Policy-Based Routing".

If you use this, you'll implement PBR on your internal network router (the one that is called "Cisco-1 Router" in the following URL):

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erndog5800Author Commented:
According to our outside support folks, it Looks like we need another piece of hardware in the mix to support multiple connections.  I was hoping to slap something together on the cheap to take advantage of available connectivity, but it looks like we'll have to invest a bit to get this functionality.

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