Can't open SQL Server Configuration Manager, get Provider load failure?

When I try to open SQL Server Configuration Manger I get the following error:
Cannot connect to WMI provider.  You do not have permission or the server is unreachable.  Note that you can only manage SQL Server 2005 servers with SQL Server Configuration Manager.  Provider load failure [0x80041013]

This started few weeks ago, but I don't know what would have changed to get this to happen.  I ran the WMI Diag tool and found the following error:
37079 08:55:04 (2) !! WARNING: WMI provider DCOM registrations missing for the following provider(s): ..................................... 4 WARNING(S)!
37081 08:55:04 (0) **   Provider DLL: 'WMI information not available
(This could be the case for an external application or a third party WMI provider)'
ReportingServicesWMI ({08377CC4-E2FF-4CDB-B643-DA8C618F7614})
37083 08:55:04 (0) **   Provider DLL: 'WMI information not available
(This could be the case for an external application or a third party WMI provider)'
ReportingServicesWMI ({08377CC4-E2FF-4CDB-B643-DA8C618F7614}) (i.e. WMI Class 'MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting')
37085 08:55:04 (0) **   Provider DLL: 'WMI information not available
(This could be the case for an external application or a third party WMI provider)'
MSSQL_ManagementProvider ({2C0C342A-13DA-406E-9FD4-266FC2220AA6})
37087 08:55:04 (0) **   Provider DLL: 'WMI information not available
(This could be the case for an external application or a third party WMI provider)'
37088 08:55:04 (0) ** => This is an issue because there are still some WMI classes referencing this list of providers
37089 08:55:04 (0) **    while the DCOM registration is wrong or
missing. This can be due to:
37090 08:55:04 (0) **    - a de-installation of the software.
37091 08:55:04 (0) **    - a deletion of some registry key data.
37092 08:55:04 (0) **    - a registry corruption.
37093 08:55:04 (0) ** => You can correct the DCOM configuration by:
37094 08:55:04 (0) **    - Executing the 'REGSVR32.EXE <Provider.DLL>'
37095 08:55:04 (0) **    Note: You can build a list of classes in
relation with their WMI provider and MOF file with WMIDiag.
37096 08:55:04 (0) **          (This list can be built on a similar and
working WMI Windows installation)
37097 08:55:04 (0) **          The following command line must be used:
37098 08:55:04 (0) **          i.e. 'WMIDiag CorrelateClassAndProvider'
37099 08:55:04 (2) !! WARNING: Re-registering with REGSVR32.EXE all DLL from 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WBEM\'
37100 08:55:04 (0) **          may not solve the problem as the DLL
supporting the WMI class(es)
37101 08:55:04 (0) **          can be located in a different folder.
37102 08:55:04 (0) **          You must refer to the class name to
determine the software delivering the related DLL.
37103 08:55:04 (0) ** => If the software has been de-installed intentionally, then this information must be
37104 08:55:04 (0) **    removed from the WMI repository. You can use
the 'WMIC.EXE' command to remove
37105 08:55:04 (0) **    the provider registration data.
37106 08:55:04 (0) **    i.e. 'WMIC.EXE
37107 08:55:04 (0) ** => If the namespace was ENTIRELY dedicated to the intentionally de-installed software,
37108 08:55:04 (0) **    the namespace and ALL its content can be
ENTIRELY deleted.
37109 08:55:04 (0) **    i.e. 'WMIC.EXE
37110 08:55:04 (0) **    - Re-installing the software.
37111 08:55:04 (0) **

I tried to re-install the SQL server but that didn't fix the problem.  Is there some other repair option available?
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Did you try to upgrade the SBSMONITORING to SQL?  That could cause this error.   SBSMONITORING cannot be upgraded... it must stay running on MSDE.  You'll need to reinstall monitoring to fix it.

See my comments in this question regarding that:  http:Q_21676560.html


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cbw71Author Commented:
No, I didn't try to upgrade the SBSMONITORING to SQL that I know of.  

Sorry but I am not totally clear which portion of that question I should try?  I have SBS Server 2003 R2.

What is the easiest way to re-install Monitoring?  
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
That's my first comment in that Q:  http:Q_21676560.html#15561225

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cbw71Author Commented:
Ended up I had done a re-install and forgot to apply SP2 to SQL...oops!
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Again, that's what I had stated in my original reference, which says, "You must then reinstall SBS SP1."

I'm SURE it's not SQL SP2 that was necessary, it's actually MSDE 2000 SP4 that gets applied when you reinstall SBS SP1.

Force accepted.
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