Money 2007 "Unable to load the registration library"

I'm running WinXP Pro SP2 with all updates.  I recently installed Norton 360 but was able to run Money once after the Norton install.
Now, when I launch Money, I get a dialog box stating Microsoft's Money 2007 Online Service Policy which I can Accept or Decline.  If i Decline, the Money window closes.  If I Accept, I get an error box indicating that "Money was unable to load the registration library (dll).
I've done a power off reboot and still have the same results.
With tax time approaching, I NEED to get at the Money file.
Thanks for any help.
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wayneskidConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
FYI - This problem was resolved by un-installing Money and re-installing it.  On the first launch of the new install, it went through the process of downloading and installing a bunch of updates then after restart, the application launched normally.

Could it be that Nortons is blocking Money from 'connecting to the Internet wrt to the Online Service Policy. I haven't seen Money 2007 or Norton 360, but my best advice would be for you to look at your Nortons and to check the firewall service/application and see if Money is being allowed to communicate with the Internet? You may need to get msmoney.exe (if it is still called that) into the list of 'authorised' programs within Nortons.

Hope this helps
wayneskidAuthor Commented:
msmoney.exe was set to "allow" in the Norton 360 Firewall Program Rules tab.  I did another cold restart but no change resulted.  Thanks for the thought.
On the Internet, when people had the same issue, somebody said to create a new Administrative User on your computer, and reinstall the application. Also make sure the Firewall is switched off while you do the install.  Don't know if it works, but it's worth a shot.
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