Cannot delete folders/ icons from Vista Ult. on netweok with roaming profiles

Have Windows Ulitmate(32Bit) running on HP Laptops with AMD and Intel processors with 1and 2 gig of ram.  Laptops are attached to a LAN with Win2003 running with roaming profiles and Active directory.

  I can delete everything and even move stuff around on the desktop but they all come back on the screen and move back again when I shut down and restart back on the network.  I can even delete them in the recycle bib they still come back.  I now have three computers that are doing this out of 10.  

   Any ideas??
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They had this problem with NT 4 Server and with Windows 2000 Server

The forum that lead me to these articles said their was no work around:

I'm thinking that the local profile isn't copying back over to the server when you log off. What would have if you deleted or renamed the local profile before you logged off? Would a new copy be made to transfer to the server?

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painzapAuthor Commented:
OK info.  Guess there might not be a fix.  Tried the same and it works but you cannot do that everyday.  Sometimes MicroSoft is just lame with shoddy workmanship.
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