How do I log a user completely out of AIX from inside a script?

When the user logs in, the .profile runs a shell script that displays a menu.  If the Quit option is selected, I want the user to be logged completely out of AIX.  The following, which I'm now using, exits to the O/S.  The user must then manually type "exit" to log completely out of AIX.

[Qq ]  ) exit 0;;    # user types "Q" or "q" from the displayed menu
* ) ;;

exit 0

I don't want the user to have access to an OS command line prompt at all.  Anyone know how I can log the user out from inside the script?

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If this run in .profile, make sure to change the ^C using stty command since user might break the script with ^C (Control-C). Similarly for ^Z. Please see stty man page to see how to do it.

In the *) case, you just put the exit command:

In the .profile where the script is invoked, prefix it with exec, eg:

exec /path/to/menu-script

exec overlays the current process (shell) with the command specified.  

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If you wish *any* exit of the script to log out of AIX, change your script execution from this form:



  exec /path/script

To prevent the user from being able to press Ctrl-C, Ctrl-\, Ctrl-U, or Ctrl-Z, do this prior to the "exec" (best location is at the very top of the user's .profile or, even better, if *ALL* users should be subject to this, near the top of /etc/profile):

    trap "" 2 3 15 18

(that's two quotation marks)

This tells the shell simply to ignore those four signals, *even if they've been changed to different key sequences elsewhere*.

So, the full sequence is:

    trap "" 2 3 15 18


    exec /path/script
monkeybiz12345Author Commented:
Thanks!  Exactly the info I needed.  Split points because both of you provided great answers to what I can now see was a not quite clear enough question.  
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