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We currently have roughly 1200 end users and our internet pipe has been upgraded from 12 MB to 40 MB. The reason for the upgrade was we're at %100 Utilization. Well according to the data from our vendor and our concurring reports we are at it again in little over year. Question is can a saturated internet pipe slow down user experience from a PC, DNS, Network side?

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can - yes
probable - no

internet outages shouldn't slow anyone not using the internet, however while certain services need the access (vpn, web services etc) there may be retransmissions and therefore increased traffic. And if they affect your core services (DNS server, AD, Print etc) there 'could' be issues.
Without a network/services diagram, its a little academic as to what the effects would be...
Yes, it can, but 40MB is a lot of bandwidth for 1200 users.  Sounds like you need to evaluate the reason for the usage.
CulverITAuthor Commented:
debuggerau so what you are saying is that you believe that DNS and Active Directory could be affected by the amount of traffic that could be going through the network.
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CulverITAuthor Commented:
jdera yes it is a lot of bandwidth for 1200 people, top brass seem to think we should throw bandwidth at it as restricting it with a packet shaper is unacceptable and will cause nothing but issues.
ahhhh, issues....

Well, its not like I've got a network map of your org here, but let say you were a remote office..
you had DHCP relay agent and a remote DHCP server...

Or if you had remote AD servers...

But usually, for network this size, its normally all kept local..
Maybe you are hosting services for remote offices, they would be affected...

Maybe your workers are using remote desktop - then its complaints..

What about AD syncs with remote offices...

I wonder how many VPN's you might have over that link???


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CulverITAuthor Commented:
Our DNS is getting hammered...
Should have asked this previously, but what does your hardware/network infrastructure look like?  I am assuming that if you have a 40 MB pipe, your budget must be ok for high end hardware.  But using cheap switches and non-gigabit switches if you have that much traffic can be just as much a problem then your pipe.  Also what you have in terms of high end servers can have an impact as well, there is probably as dozen other things like some of the things debuggerau mentions, but it would be hard to do a network analysis just based on your internet pipe.  Are all 1200 users in one location?
do you have a round robin DNS service or what?
What kind of equipment do you use? If you've got cisco gear, you can use to monitor netflows. That will tell you exactly what and who is using your pipe.
Jean Maurice ProsperCEOCommented:
as HSB stated, your best bet is still to gather information about the actual traffic running on your link,

scrutinizer or any other flow analyzer will be of great help.
you will surely be able to know what types of traffic are eating up ur pipe.

contact me if you need any help setting up !

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