Webservices and Netbeans


I want to deploy a webservice developed in Netbeans to tomcat server. The Webservice has been developed locally tested and works fine with the client. But i need to know how I can deploy the local webservice to tomact on our server.

Thanks in advance.
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You can create a .war file from your project which is like .jar but for web.
Then you put that on your Tomcat server. Then it should just work :)
More here:

Seems that NetBeans is creating the .war file for you.
You can find it in the dist directory in your project.


C'mon, is actually in the NetBeans menu
Help->Help Contents, then select Web Services from left tree.
Then go to "Deploying and Testing Web Services" :)

intergy-eeAuthor Commented:
Hi adrpo,

Thanks lot for your references and ideas.

I have gone through the articles specified above. I did find the WAR file in dist package i then copied it to a folder and tomcat server and added an entry in the server.xml file to point to the new folder.

this is my server.xml entry

 <Host appBase="pdfweb" debug="0" name="pdfweb" unpackWARs="true">

        <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.valves.AccessLogValve" directory="logs" pattern="common" prefix="pdfweb_access_log." suffix=".txt"/>

        <Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger" directory="logs" prefix="pdfweb_log." suffix=".txt" timestamp="true"/>
        <Context debug="0" docBase="pdfweb" path="" reloadable="true"/>

I have the war file in pdfweb folder.

I have a index.html file in the same place where the WAR file is and i am able to view the index.html with the URL like http://pdfweb:8080/pdfweb/index.html

Locally i am able to test my webservice with URL like this http://localhost:8080/PDFWeb/PDFServiceService?tester

But in the server when i try to access the tester using the URL like

I get a HTTP 404 error resource not found. What I am doing wrong?

Please help. Thanks.
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Look into your Tomcat logs: tomcat/logs/
and see what errors you get there and let me know.

BTW, what version of Tomcat are you using?


Hi again,

If you are on Tomcat 5.x, have a look here:

In general you put your .war in your tomcat/webapps
directory and it should just work. You have changed that to "pdfweb",
but that should work too. Have a look into pdfweb to see if Tomcat has exploded your archive. At leas if it did, then you know you're on the way.
Also: "Be sure to restart Tomcat after installing or updating your application."

It seems you can also: "Use the Tomcat 5 "Manager" web application to deploy and undeploy web applications".
See what you get if you go to: http://pdfweb:8080/manager

Make sure you have all the adidtional Jars your application may need in
tomcat/shared/lib (otherwise you'll get ClassNotFound Exceptions).



More on the Tomcat Manager here:

If you want Tomcat to just pick your application on the fly (without need of a stop/startup procedure), then add to your <Host ... autoDeploy="true">


intergy-eeAuthor Commented:
Hi Adrpo,

Thanks for your instant response. I got held up in some other project so couldn't reply back.

We have tomcat 4.1 running on our server. I followed your advise and deployed the webservice to the webapps folder. I want to know how we can invoke the wsdl of the webservice as I mentioned above

locally when the webservice is deployed in the IDE i am able to access the WSDL like


But how can i do the same thing from tomcat webserver.

When I try to access the class of the webservice i get an error saying it is not a servlet which makes sense as it is a webservice.

Any ideas. I hope i have explained the problem clearly. if not sorry.
intergy-eeAuthor Commented:
I fixed my problem by using the below
article which expalins clearly about deploying to Tomacat

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Cool to hear you fixed it. Sorry I couldn't help more!

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