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What setting do I need to change so these packets stop being dropped

I am currently capturing packets on a web server in my DMZ.   The reason I'm doing this is we are having some performance issues on the web application that is currently being published off of this box.  

The packet capturing software that I'm using is Wireshark.  
In all of the dropped packets (which are appearing during the moments when I am seeing the lag in performance) the SEQ / ACK Analysis on the Wireshark log reads as follows:  
   1. This is an ACK to the segment in frame: x (x being a previous packet)  
Can anyone please tell me how I can get these packets to stop dropping and improve my performance on this application.  

Any help / suggestions is greatly appriciated.  

Thanks in advance

Ryan Boyle
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1 Solution
Probably the capture file from wireshark, not .bmp would be more useful.

Dropped packets may occur:
1) If any link between server and client is overloaded
2) If any router/switch between server and a client is overloaded
3) As a result of MTU mismatch in any point between server and a client
4) If there is some shaper between your server and a client

What is exact reason, you should find out yourself.
I looked in .bmp. Do you mean the problem with 'tcp port number reused'?
CPGHelpDeskAuthor Commented:
We solved the issue...we had to combine the "web" server and "application" server into one server, and then place them into the DMZ...as soon as we did that everything worked just fine.  

Thanks for all the help.  


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