NTbackup problem

My main purpose is to restore a .bkf file that contains an exchange data(Directory and Information Store).

Background: The .bkf file was created by the Veritas software. Our previous server had crashed and no single data was recovered, but at least thankful because we have backed up some files using veritas.

Server: WIndows NT 4, MS exchange 5.5 installed, veritas backup exec 7.3 installed

I have isolated a small network consisting a windows nt 4 server and a winxp pro workstation. I copied the .bkf file in the workstation so as with the server. I executed NTbackup in the xp workstation, after i have selected the files and selected a server where to restore the files i got this error: "The specified computer is not a microsoft exchange server or its microsoft exchange services are not started."

Can you share some ways to restore the (.bkf) file? I really need the solution badly. :(
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You must run the restore on the server itself. Are you trying to restore the IS?

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Mr_WizzyAuthor Commented:
The server now in NT 4, and i think the restoration tool looks for tape drives. I am trying to restore IS and Directory, i can't get it out from the (.bkf) file.

First of all what the error says is ""The specified computer is not a microsoft exchange server or its microsoft exchange services are not started."

that it is looking for a exchange server for restoring the files as this backup was taken online while exchange was running. If you want to restore in a isolated network then you need to build up identical exchange server and same domain name, exchange server name and everything similar and then restore the data.

what is the media used for backup was it a tape or a disk. What was the os on which the backup was taken. backup & restore from tapes is not supported on NT4. you can rather try to restore it from winxp which supports tape drives.

Mr_WizzyAuthor Commented:
the setup before was:
main server:
    windows nt 4.0
    software used:
           veritas 7.3

other server:
    windows server 2003
     software used:
           veritas 9.1

the backup process was like this. From the main server the back up file was thrown to the other server to the disk, not tape, using the VERITAS software.

We cannot create the mirror-like scenario before because the main server had crashed and the other server was promoted to domain controller since it is windows server 2003. Upon promoting it we changed the domain name but we could restore the machine name to what it was before. We put another server installed with windows nt 4.0 and same configuration as the server that had crashed.

Now i am trying to isolate the newly deployed nt 4.0 server with an XP workstation. Using the ntbackup.exe tool in xp i tried to restore the backup file (.bkf) redirecting it to the server (where ms exchange is installed) and we get the error "The specified computer is not a microsoft exchange server or its microsoft exchange services are not started.", even i have installed the ms exchange on the target server.

I really don't know what's the flaw of my setup. Do i forget something? Ever tried doing this before?
Mr_WizzyAuthor Commented:
I have solved the problem already. I restored it using win2000 backup utility tool, installed with exchange 5.5 locally.
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