Font size and scailing in Windows Vista Home Premium displaying on a big screen plasma

I just got a vista home premium computer and configured the auto logon and another account for remoting in.
My issues are these
1) I have the screen resolution set to High Def so the fonts and icons are super small. I changed the font DPI to custom 200% but it is still a little too small. Is there anyway to get it even bigger?
2) I want to use the second account to remote in to use the computer from other rooms. The problem is that the screen resolution is WAY to big on my laptop. Is there anway that two users in vista home premium to have different DPI settings without rebooting?
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Hold down control key and roll the wheel on your mouse to set bigger or smaller fonts.
bbcacAuthor Commented:
This doesn't work. I need to change all Windows fonts not just webpages
open a command prompt and type the flowing and hit inter :

control desk.cpl,appearance,@appearance

click the advanced button from the dialog that appears select any window element and change its font size

this method doesn't need restarting and "I think" it can be used per user profile.
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bbcacAuthor Commented:
I will try this when I get home
bbcacAuthor Commented:
This doesn't allow me to change the font DPI though. If I go into this section the font area is greyed out. Any ideas why?

This system is connected to my HDTV system. It is running at 1080i resolution so the windows are inherently very small. I use DPI scalling @ 200% so that I can still see and read all the text on screen.

For office type work, I remote into the system using RDP. When I do so the resolution is ofcourse held back and hte DPI scalling is still set. This means that the screen is unworkable in that I cant see all the window when it opens.

Any resolution ideas?
bbcacAuthor Commented:
I think I have found my own answer. The program DisplaySet.exe can be used to change the font size and scalling rather than using windows. It does a much nicer job than windows, its free, and can have different setting for different users.

If you are a vista user, then this is  the way to go!

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