Character encryption

Please, I would like to know of any secure text edition utilities (better if freeware and even better if web based) which performs encryption of each character on the fly as they are typed (in order to let just already encrypted chunks to be stored in the disc swap file). I think a quite illustrative example is some enigma applets, like this at
Thank you very much,

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rcesarAuthor Commented:
What I mean is...

No matter how secure are one's keys to get his sensitive texts very safely encrypted, even then several parts of what he writes (before encrypting it) goes naked to his HD (in the swap file) by means of the virtual memory OS feature, and these are *not* encrypted as his final integral text does. So anyone else able to get to his computer and with the proper software will be able to read those unsafe and readable chunks of sensitive information.

Knowing that, the ways experts use to avoid this possibility, is to turn of the virtual memory or to use security softwares that wipe off (by overwriting) all these non addressed chunks, that people commonly think to be just "free empty and usable space in the disk".

Some use "on the fly" encryption applications that creates a virtual (RAM) drive where ENTIRE files are automatically decryted/encrypted every time they are opened/closed, but what helps little because, again, while the opened/decrypted text is being worked/changed, there it will be stored in chunks to the swap file, in where they will be not re-encrypted as the main integral file is.

So what about having an also *on the fly* encryption application, BUT, that really decrypts/encrypts EACH character IMMEDIATELY AS they are added or changed in the text? Hapening so, when the virtual memory take them to the swap file, each one would be already differend of what was typed in the keyboard, thus being not readable to someone trying to look there after.

Thats why I asked whether you all know about the existence of such kind of software around.

Of course I know there are keyloggers applications that can secretly save all KEYS pressed on the keyboard, but one is not expected to use such on his own computer, or allow its intallaton, or at least would turn his own one off while writing sensitive texts.

Oh, and surely I also know (or undestand) that the big brother may be able to capture even our thoughts anywhere, any time, any else - so there's no point bothering about him, and get just to fair competitors... :-)

Sorry for the strange english, and I hope hearing from you,

I understand what you are saying and I don't know of software that is this secure, but I have a suggestion.
If you use a live CD such as any linux distribution, the entire operating system is loaded into RAM and never written to disk.  Take the example of BackTrack which is an operating system based on Slax/Slackware.  You can install the OS on a hard drive if you want to, but the disc is designed to be used directly from the CD and in RAM - never touching the HD.  All LiveCD's are designed this way (so you can try-out an operating system), but the reason I mention Backtrack is that it is optimised for running in RAM and used by many people who never actually install to a HD.
As well as that, it comes pre-loaded with lots of cool software including encryption tools.
So my advice would be, until you have found what you are looking for, go to and download the Live CD iso file, burn this to a CD, put the CD in your CD drive and reboot, login as "root" with the password "toor", type "startx" and then plug in a USB stick with a TrueCrypt volume on it.  You can then mount the truecrypt volume inside backtrack and voila, edit your files, save them to the truecrypt volume, unmount the volume, remove the USB stick, remove the CD from the drive, reboot the machine and you'll leave no traces of what you did...

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i.g. it would be more or less impossible to write software which encrypts in a way which can not be monitored while encrypting
First attempt to sircumvent encrypting is to use a debugger, trillion others follow ...

Probably I misunderstand your question, but what do you want to achieve in rthe end?
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rcesarAuthor Commented:
jahboite, thank you, in fact a live cd is a last resource solution if one really wants to get nothing he writes to the disk, even having to reboot for that goal. I'm searching for something more handly and that I see no reason to not exist. In fact I'm surprised you all didn't come right away presenting an already existing software, so it seem to me as an obvious move to trick the virtual memory issue.

ahoffmann: thanks for the input, but cannot a software repeatedly re-encrypt an opened/working file in some scheduled time, like quite all editors do save files so? Why couldn't it encrypt the file every time you input a character? The text you have already writen and see (as decrypted) in the display would be not a normal text but the surface result of an on the fly encryption process - which could be not heavy (if being this an impediment) for it could be done in chunks, like having the last (encrypted) frases just waiting current processing frase to finnish, and/or so. If I'm wrong, it would be in fact realeasing to understand why, for I have being searching hard for this kind of stuff. The ending goal would be safe encryption, of course, particulaly a possible normal way to write sensitive texts without having it readable in the hd, no matter the final text is heavily encrypted.
rcesarAuthor Commented:
ahoffmann, I forgot your debugger approach, but I didn't understand, sorry. Maybe you understood I was looking for the inverse thing I am... or else...
1. Create encrypted disk with TrueCrypt
2. Create virtual Machine on the encrypted disk
3. Make a snapshot of the machine

4. Run the machine, encrypt whateever you need, store encrypted data in shared directory

5. Shut down VM
6. Return to snapshot
7. Dismount encrypted drive
You can use the new truecrypt it comes with full disk encryption (under windows)
Thus also swapspace is encrypted.

The enigma approach is nice for movies but was already broken in WWII.

Forced accept.

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