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Hello, I have created a web site thumbnail creator that I want to share with other webmasters. How can I do this so that when a web master places <img src=""/> on their page my server processes the variable url and returns an image to the web masters site?  Is this possible or is there a better way to do this?



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Question here is, what does your tool do ?

a) if are url is passed (html or aspx ) your tool converts it to a image and passes back a tumbnil image of the same ?
a) web master can give a Full Image URL and your tool just converts it to a small tumbnail and returns it back ?

Either way best is to use a web service, which will be called by a third part application, and sends a request to your code and then gets a response back.


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grogo21Author Commented:
my site will take the url provided in the img src and capture a snapshot of the url or check to see if it is already cached. It would then return the snapshot jpg of the site back to the webmasters site.

I suppose if a webmaster places <img src=""/> on thier site processpage.aspx would execute on my server.  But how could i then send the image back to display on thier web page.  Could I do a redirect from processpage.aspx to the location of the image?  Thanks
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