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i have a a windows XP pro with many software on it like TOAD, textpad, powerdeisnger.

My pc will be upgrade to a new more powerful XP pro machine.

Is there a fast way to move applications and data from machine 1 to machine 2. I have laplink PC mover but I think this moves operating system files and everything (not sure).

Would moving applications work without reinstalling sofware in case I could not find disks to reinstall some of those.

Any other software that is recommended?
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Mark BradyPrincipal Data EngineerCommented:
I have not found a way to move programs between computers and have them run correctly. Some will work but others won't.  There are many things to take into consideration like what dll files the application has inststalled and to where [windows/system32] ?  Also the will most likely be registry entries that won't be there after you copy to new pc.

If there were only a few programs you didn't have the CD for, look for the install.log or something like that in the correct directory.  That will tell you what was installed and where.  Then you could back up those files and reinstall them [place them in the correct directory on the new drive.  Painstaking yes !  But it depends on how bad you want the programs.

munzerAuthor Commented:
I think Laplink has two kinds of software: PC mover and file mover.
I am nto sure but i think file mover is fir file only (not applications).
However, I am wondering if the PC mover will screw up the settings on the new PC if you did a complete transfer.  For example, i do not want office package migrated or IE etc as the new one will most recent copy.
munzerAuthor Commented:
I could not find anything on my pc that has install.log that lists all the applications that are installed. Are yo usure about this file
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In general you don't want to try and move entire applications to a new PC.  You need to reinstall them.  There is a file moving utility in XP called Files and Settings Transfer Wizard  that will move your files and settings from an old PC to a new one using a cable, the network or evening saving to file on disks.  However, it won't move the apps.

That being said, I don't believe something like Laplink PC mover will move OS files, that doesn't make sense to do that.  You are looking for good migration utilities.  You can try the following:

Move Me -
PC Mover -

Good luck!

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Script that queries the registry for all the applications that are installed on a domain member pc &..

Good informational tool to inventory a system prior to moving to a new machine. As previously stated, I also haev not found a way to move an entire app, especially not something as large as TOAD.

If the app is a standalone .exe, then yes it can be moved. Otherwise, I would plan on contacting the MFGR for the software you need for DL locations, as well as replacement CDs...
Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit (Version 7.2v)

This can also assist in retrieving serial keys....
munzerAuthor Commented:
so this does not work to move something like TOAD from one PC to another

BTW the above utility Belarc is great in telling you what is on your system
It says it will move your apps so it should move TOAD too.
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