PC shuts down during install


My PC had an unknown err and was stuck in an endless boot cycle. (mup.sys was hanging and causing restart) I have been on my gf to let me get a new PC and this was my golden ticket.

Cool Master CM 690 Chasis (Case)
Cool Master Extreme Power 500W power supply
Gigabyte S Series GA-P35-DS3L M-Board FSB 1333
Intel Core2 Duo 8400 CPU (3Ghz)
Corsair 800mhz 1024x2 memory modules (2gb)
Samsung 20x SATA DVD ROM
Seagate Barracuda 340GB SATA hard drive
XFX NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS PCI x 512 DDR2 Graphics Controller with 450mhz core

My problem is that my XP installation is shutting down during the copy of install files to the memory or hard drive. Its hard to be exact because sometimes it shuts down when copying to the memory and sometimes during the copy to the HD. A few time I received a BSD but it was a general stop err and no clues exept for 8 bit address which now i regret not documenting. :-(
I have swapped memory modules with my old ones, swapped CD from SATA to IDE and back, tried old VGA adapter, and a different HD but to no avail. I know that sometimes items are bad when you purchase them (especially from Frys Electronics (which is where I went)) but I am at my wits end. I ahve loaded fail safe values and optimized values and I like to think that I know more than the average user about configuring MOBO so I dont think I am causing this with setup. :-)

Any help is appreciated guys. I have been working on this for 5 evenings now and have endured enough grief from GF about my apparent lack of computing skills and how I give my PC more attention then her blah blah blah (I regress) lol

iI am wondering if my MOBO needs BIOS update or if my memory is not right for MOBO but cheat sheet says it will handle a lower speed memory

Thanks in advance to all who respond
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Try running DFT and memtest86. Google search for the freeware downloads, but that's your best bet for making sure nothing is failing from the factory.

Also, voltages and ram timings can be an issue. So you may want to check those over.
I would try Microsoft's Memory Diags and let it run a few times through.

and maybe try swapping the video card
those errors can be caused by :
-a bad cd, or cd drive, or cd cable --> copy the cd, or test with another one, swap devices
-bad ram
-bad onboard controller (need new mobo then) but test on the other ide/sata connectors too
you can test the ram with memtest86+ from www.memtest.org
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NIDDK1550Author Commented:
Thank you all,

I was leaning towards a cd drive or cable err. If I boot into the BIOS the system runs forever and when I go to do the installation thats where i get probs.
I will attempt other controllers on the board but since I already tried with a SATA and IDE drive I am leaning towards it NOT being a cd drive err. I dont think it could be a cd err since i have tried multiple, but I suppose the original copy I made could have been corrupt.
the memtest, is this a downloadable image for a cd that I can boot into without an OS?

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you can have a floppy or cd image
if you want it on cd, you can also download ubcd, contains it and much more diags :
NIDDK1550Author Commented:
Well all it turns out the problem was the heat sink was not disipating well. So happens I was in BIOS and watching things. CPU heat up to 212 F !!!

Repalced heat sink and allw as well
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