Cannot view items in Inbox or Sent items even though the files on server can be viewed via "Mutt"

After a power blackout yesterday, one of my client machines can no longer view items in their Inbox or Sent Items. The files exist on the server and the Inbox items can be viewed on the server using "mutt". We use postfix as the mail application on a Redhat Linux server. All clients use Thunderbird for mail and only one machine is having this problem.
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Marc ZCommented:
Is it possible you lost that computers network connection during the outage?  Can it still connect to others or the internet?

You could attempt a New Profile for TB and see if the issue is with the Profile or the Computer itself.  You would have to set up another profile on that system to see. Basically just standard troubleshooting for TB.
eldarbakerAuthor Commented:
The computer still comms with net and network fine. The address book and trash items can still be viewed, just not the sent items and inbox. The .msf file belonging to each appears to have shrunk to an insignificant size and as this is (I believe) the indexing file for each, I thought that perhaps I could try and delete that file and recreate it and force tbird to reindex the files...but not sure.
Marc ZCommented:
Try this first, in TB, right click each folder that doesn't appear to be full, select Properties and then hit Rebuild Index. That basically does the same thing as deleting the .msf file.

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