How can i put qurey adapter to datagrid c#

i have a ScalarQuery How can I put it into  datadrid
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hamidovtConnect With a Mentor Commented:

In example I have sent 
Insert is a scalar query. They execute it as:
// Add a new product
productsAdapter.Insert("New Product", 1, 1, "12 tins per carton",  14.95m, 15, 0, 10, false);

In the sample it is actually it returning id of the inserted record. So you could do something like :
int myId = productsAdapter.Insert("...
And afterwads set it to the label or whatever control you want.

If this solves your problem, could you please accept the solution, because otherwise the question will remain open.
Scalar query will return 1 result(even not a row), what is your idea of putting it into the datadrid???
Very common is to use scalar query for insert; it would return an id of the inserted row... But anywat there is no point of assiging its result to the grid. If you are searching for a good starting point, check this tutorial:
teeraAuthor Commented:
I want to add a bottom then it show result of sql state ment I think i need datagrid but it seem I do not need data grid
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