How do I show any number of 144 images moving from upper left corner to center of screen?

I want to have any number of 1 to 144 images that are located in the upper left corner move to the center of the screen.  I want their movement to be visible. I have not yet written any code, I thought that I should check with you experts as t the best way to do this.  I have had one beginning level course in Fortran, C++, and Visual Basic, and am willing to learn more.
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There are so many place to start...
It seems to be the same job than the job that a screen saver has to do , isn't it ?
So if request for "screensaver" on you will find a lot of propositions:

Or you can do it by yourself with a C++ app by play with Graphics API function couple with a timer.

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eddieiAuthor Commented:
Thanks, kaylanreilor,

I looked at the screensavers you recommended.  Below are three postings that move images.  I like Number 1,A Simple Bitmap Screen Saver that moves 3 items.  My project would move from 1 to 144 items to the right onto the middle of the screen and pause.  But with Number 1 I would have to use 144 different bitmaps.  With Number 2 it seems that I would have to use only one bit map to show many images simultaneously.  IThe last paragraph contains  dialogue about just one bitmap below for #3 that I hope I can use..  I am not sure from the dialog whether more than one image would be seen at the same time for #3.    Also, there is not much code for Number 3.

      Each of these shows me the general idea of moving several objects to the middle of the screen.  Thanks, again.  Once there, I would add, subtract, multiply or divide one top number of images, for example 12, by another set of similar images, say 3, from the bottom left quadrant of the screen.

      The coding for each of the three solutions is complicated for me.  I would like to be able to understand what I am doing instead of wasting a lot of time trying to plug in and substitute.  But, after I discover where to plug in and substitute, the rest may be easy and I can proceed with the main purposes of the project.  I do not mind reading and learning, but competency may require more time and experience than I can muster while my grandchild is still a child.   What do you suggest?

The three solutions I found from your recommendations are:

1.  A Simple Bitmap Screen Saver
2. Falling Snow on Your Desktop!:
3. Array of picture box..... with Experts ID: 09.30.2004 at 11:20PM PDT, ID: 21152047

Is this what you were looking for?
Yes No
You don't actually need a variable to track how many controls you have loaded. Just load the first one with the Index set to 0 and then you can use code like this to add another control:

    Load Vehicle(Vehicle.Count)
    Vehicle(Vehicle.UBound).Top = 0
    Vehicle(Vehicle.UBound).Left = 0
    Vehicle(Vehicle.UBound).Visible = True

But based on this statement of yours:

>> so I have drawn 151 such controls on my form and I make visible only the one that are currently being used....

You don't need 151 controls loaded on your form in memory.  Just load one.  Instead of creating a control array, create arrays to hold the data about the position and state of where each control would be and what it would have.  Then you can just change and move that one control based on the info about the current item.


We don't usually move things on "the screen" we move them around within the "the window" that our application controls.

Is your question more about how to draw images at various locations, or do you need help with the algorithms that will calculate a series of new positions so that a rectangle changes location gradually from an upper-left corner toward the center?
eddieiAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Dan Rollins,
    After getting hints from IdleMind of Experts, It seems that Item 3, above,: "3. Array of picture box..... with Experts ID: 09.30.2004 at 11:20PM PDT, ID: 21152047.", and  idlemind's added comments on 02.08.2008 at 08:41PM PST, ID: 20856209 referencing my questions, I will attempt to adjust that solution to my problem.

     I will  "need help with the algorithms that will calculate a series of new positions so that a rectangle changes location gradually from an upper-left corner toward the center?"   I hope to begin applying the above mentioned code to my application during this week.  When, or if, I get suck I ill certainly seek help.


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