Busy Lamp Field (BLF) monitoring

Is there a way I could monitor line status on Linksys SPA962 + SPA932 console from two Asterisk serwers? Works fine when monitoring extensions from the serwer the 962 is registered to itself.
Is there a way to subscribe to extensions monitoring on another serwer as well?
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bolobeoConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, I managed to solve it. The key was to use "vid" parameter in BLF buttons description on SPA932.
Everything else - hints, contexts etc. had to be setup properly as well.

Do you mean on the handsets or would you be happy monitoring from a Web Browser.

I use two methods here we have seven servers.
1. I use a python script that get the status information and send the output back to the screen on the Cisco 7940.

2. I use Flash Operator Panel to view live call status for all extentions and line on one screen.
bolobeoAuthor Commented:
I'd love to have them on the 32 backlighted SPA932 buttons....
1. You need to configure hints for each of the extensions.
2. You need to configure the extensions to listen for those SIP notifications (however you do that in Linksys phones... we use all Polycom and Snoms).
3. Make sure that the hints are in the same context as the phone extensions.

Here's a quick aritcle on extensions (read the hints section):

Also, read Russel's blog on dev state:
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