DVD/CD not attached -no boot drive available

I purchased a used Optiplex. It of course comes with a DVD player. The machine originally was made for the Japanese market and has some Japanese OS software installed it seems. When I turn it on it shows that it is going into windows xp and then asks for where SP1 is or something like that (it is in Japanese). It shows a (dialog) box which asks where something is and has something like grouproot as the place it is looking for it. But it does not find whatever it is looking for. I have an English Windos XP disk for dell computers and I wanted to reinstall with this English Windows. I pressed F2 and assigned the boot sequence to the CD (or DVD, I forget which was written there), instead of the harddisk or the floppy drive. However it said there that the CD drive was not attached.  When I try to boot up under this condition with the XP installation disk in the DVD ROM bay it says "no boot drive available". Anyone have a solution to this?

Thank you.
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KREDIERSConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Are you sure all cables are connected correctly?
Are you sure the device is not broken?
Do you hear the CD spinup at boot?
Can you try to boot from a USB stick with BARTPE or another diagnostic tool and test the drive?
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check if the dvd drive is eseen in the bios; also, test with another drive, it can be bad.
Or test this drive on another PC - you may also try another cable, or connect it to another ide connector.
Check also the set, and jumpers. is it set to Master or slave ?
PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the CD recognized in current OS? if so, you can install on top current OS, but when asked to select clean or upgrade, pick clean.

If not, reset bios and try to set boot again. If you can change boot order it means that the cd drive detected in bios, otherwise there is no option in boot sequence in bios.
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