Temperature of my server

I've just installed my server in a data centre in my systemboard ambient temperature is averaging to  approximately 32 oc.

Now the server at the moment is currently doing next to no work is this right/acceptable

FYI: the server is a 1U DELL POWEREDGE 1950 III
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Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
i would say 32 is fine..

check when its running with load though..

you dont want it going much about 45 at most...

i ran my pc's at home with no load at about 30 and full load at about 35..

with jsut air cooling you wont get much below 30 in best case.. but its how much it goes up to that you need to worry about.. any thing below 50 is fine if you ask me..
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
a CPU can run at over 80 happily. in fact most CPU will run at 80 for years non stop.. but running hot does shorten the life and is of course bad for economy!

when benchmarking gaming PC's in the past 50 was thought of as a MAX continous full load operating temp..

with most of my PC's running at about 40 - 45 at full load on fans.

waht is the room ambent temp?? you should expect your systems to report up to 10 or so degrees above ambent room temp at idle.

If you have more than one server in the rack and have got enough space, try to leave 1u between them to help airflow.

With regards to temperture you want to keep an eye on it in the summer then the data center is hotter.  The thing to worry about more is sudden changes in temperture - machines do not like that.  

If you want to query it with your ISP then check your contract.  It should gaurantee a maximum temperature that the rack/machine room can reach - check that your under your ampage for the rack though, otherwise the ISP will sting you with charges if your over.


Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
most data centers are kepted at around 16 to 21 degrees  i belive.

with 16 to 18 being ideal.. (cold enough for the servers.. warm enough for a human to work on them ;) )

you may also want to see if you can fix external monitors to your rack. Or see if they will give you the room temp history at various points in the room..

that way you can see if the room is being kepted at the right temp, rather than jsut rely on there garantee..
we use a system called gosse. which is a 1u unite that can monitor air flwo, temp and humitity. and report it back over the network as well as raise alarms.

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