Citrix PS4

I upgraded OS in the citrix PS4, OS upgraded from WIndows 2003 STD/R2/SP2 to 2003 ENT/R2/SP2 edition. After the upgradation everything was working including citrix and getting 8GB RAM, seems everything smooth in first testing.

After initial testing i have applied security patches for OS, after restart getting "An internal error occurred, Please contact your system administrator" error when i use WI. i have another web applications, thats everything working fine except Citrix.

1. Reverted all the patches, still not good.
2. Uninstalled ASP.NET and installed
3. ASP is allowed in iis web extention.
4. Deleted files under Temporary ASP.NET

 Attached is the details of the error.

Any solution will be highly appreciated.

Event Viewer is getting Event ID-1006, The DSRestore Filter failed to connecto to local domain. Error returned is <id:997>. not sure both issues are linked. 

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Can you check with Version of is required by Citrix Web Application?

Your Error says its 1.1 which is configured for it may be you need to change it to 2.0, just a setting in the IIS.

Additionally, what kind of authentication is required WindowsBased Authentication then may be its not Trusted server on the network and hence cant get authenticated by the Domain.

jacobsumodAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the rsponse, Citrix PS4 required ASP 1.1, which is the current version already installed and it is member server in our domain, do i need to rejon to domain after?. because OS is upgraded just before. If you need any more info to know the probem, let me know, but i am in acritical situation to make the server live. Appreciate your solution ASAP. Thanks.
have you done the whole "aspnet_regiis -i"?
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can you check if you PC is Attached to do domain or not ?

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hi am back, any luck ?
jacobsumodAuthor Commented:
Sorry, My server in attached to domain before upgradation, after upgradation sometime i may not be able to ping to Domain Controller, If i browse through nw naighborhood able to do. Event ID 1054 displays in Event Viewer. What need to be done for this, my DNS settings is right. Do i need to reejoin to domain>, does it crewup my citrix again?.

at last i done recloning with old image and freshly upgraded 2003 ENT, now everything working including citrix. this was same yesterday, now going to patch windows... this creates problem for me, i will pass the KB numbers of the patches going to apply, can you help me which one is creating issue?. so i can avoid that.

 Once applied and revert back also won't help, i am scared now....
jacobsumodAuthor Commented:
Below are the patches Redy to apply
Security Update for windows 2003 - KB941644, 942840, 943485, 942763, 941568, 944653, 941569, 936357, 943460, 933729, 936021, 936782,921503, 938127, 926122, 935840, 935839, 924667, 935966, 930178, 931784, 932168, 925902.
Update for windows 2003 - KB927891
Cumulative security Update for IE6 - KB942615
Security Update for Outlook Express - KB941202
Security Update for MS.NET framework SP1 - KB933854
Security Update Mediaplayer- KB925398
Cumulative security Update Outlook Express - KB929123

Kindly advise what are the patches cause issues in our environment.
You may want to review this article on issues with SP2 and Citrix:

A quick look at the stack trace seems to indicate the problem was down in the locale/date area. What locale is your server set to?

I see some security updates for Outlook Express in your list. If you aren't actually using that, I'd recommend uninstalling it (it's unwanted in many corporate environments, but even less desirable under Citrix).

Similarly, if your users don't need to have Media Player, you can reduce the number of patches you'll have to install in the future if you uninstall that.
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