Renaming Opportunity in MSCRM 4.0

Project-centric companies have the distinct need to manage costs, revenues and resources attributed to specific projects whether employees are in the office or at the project site.
Is it possible to rename ( successfully) rename Opportunity into new name and functionality - PROJECT.
Project oriented frirm (Professional services as well), need project entity in MS CRM.
Have anyone practice with that?
If you organize new Project entity from start, you have problem with Relationships to Accounts (mutual relatioships like Authors, Supplier etc...)
Any sugg?
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basic2008Author Commented:
Also, Quotes can be changed to Estimate/Diary something (Proffesional services work like that), Orders to Statement.
You can change the name of the Opportunity under the Information Section in Customize Entities. Although with CRM 4.0 you shouldn't have any difficulty with relationships to Accounts when creating a new entity for Project.
basic2008Author Commented:
Can I configure same relations to any object like it works in Opportunity? i.e.
Project have Accont1 as Client, Account2 as Designer, Account3 as IT support, etc...
Also, is it possible to add Contact to Project entity in same manner like I mentioned before?
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Yes, in CRM 4.0 you can have multiple relationships with the same entity. and with CRM 4.0 you can now add stages (like in the opportunity) to any entity.
basic2008Author Commented:
Thanks for response.
One final spark...
If I create new entity Project, and these Projects have types with own records/attributes (important for solving Project part).
From the other side I have mixed cases, when different types of Projects have "close" lives with employees and suppliers. All collaboration are important at the same time, invoices and all documents must be  reachable. That "crossing" with 40 type of Projects (with lot of attributes) frustrating me.  
Hi basic2008, I am afraid I don't understand your last question, can you perhaps try and explain it differently. Thanks.
basic2008Author Commented:
There is lot of Project types (40+). Each Project type have different attribute, but never less then 15 (dates, labels, picture, names, picklists etc...)
Is it possible to create new object for each project type, some kind a group of 40+ objects and they describe project type. Just call this object/entity RECORDSETi.
Also, force the CRM (how?) that you can add only one or predefined combination of that recordset. Why?
Because You can easily follow how much of project types you have and monitor status, profitability and make reports for clients etc... Also you can easily admit emloyees to integrate complex project with different approach, and you have not organizational problems in the organization.
During time you just add more new objects  RECORDSETi in the same group of object.
I tried to explain&

My initial thoughts would be to create a single entity in CRM with all the attributes you need and then using Javascript you can hide / show the fields and / or tabs that are specific to a particular project type. So one of the first fields that gets filled in on the form is the type and then from there an event triggers which displays the fields you need for that type and hides the ones you don't. If you need any guidance with Javascript for doing this, and awesome resource is here 

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basic2008Author Commented:
Do You think that around 500 new attributes for Opportunity will not create any damage to CRM 4.0?

Also, as I have needs to rename lot of existing objects, is it better to rename i.e. opportunity in customization.xml file (first export and after name changing - import) , or do it one by one ....?
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