Mission Critical Server

Hi Can anyone give me an explaination as to what a 'Mission Critical Server' is, i keep hearing the phrase but I am not sure what is meant
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HI this means :
mission critical Server:
Vital to the operation of the organization. The term is very popular for describing the applications required to run the day-to-day business.
So you mission critical server can be you applicaion server,domain controller etc depends on where you are running your day to day application .
Say for eaxmple a server hosting all application and other services on a network singally is the sole mission crtical server for that nework.

Please accept this solution and award me points for this hard work to explain LOLZ

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Aaron StreetTechnical infrastructure architectureCommented:
well i would say first of all mission critiac servers are domain controlers,
email server and data base server..

and like vishal said any servers vital to running your buisness..

these days with virtulation and laod balancing accross server, the term is not as correct as it once was. these days many companys have so much redundency accross servers that it is unusual to have a "mission critical server" more mission critical applications..

But think of  a server.. if it was down for 4 hours from 2 pm to 6pm today. how much of a problem would it casue??
if its a lot then its mission critical (email server and no one can send emails!!!)

if its not a lot (back up server, only runs during the night and wont affect end users, plus it can be worked on with out affecting users)

then its not mission critical..

ac_davis2002Author Commented:
Thanks for your help chaps very helpfull!
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No i would say the server running any application used daya to day is the Mission Critical server just to correct my fellow devilWAH here say for example we are a communication company and i am technical project head of the it department say for exaple the server which is holding just the information of our call logs i.e CDR (Call Data records) and nothing else is gone down or crashed it will not affect any user at all but the data stored on it was important the CDRS by law need to be stored for atleast three years SO that server though is not in use by any server for their daya to day life .... STILL ITS MISSION CRITICAL SERVER
NO Problem but remember any server I rec which is in production count it as Mission Critical and think before using any commands on it before you apply as planning is first step in administration
ac_davis2002Author Commented:
One last point

can you explain the term "redundency accross servers"
Aaron StreetTechnical infrastructure architectureCommented:
well you may have exchange servers for instance.

with multiply frount end servers, and a large raid array sitting behind them holding the databases..

you then have load balancing set up so uses are directed to the frount end servers on a round robin (one after the other ) or true load balancing which sneds new request to the server with most resorces free..

if one of the serves fails the otehrs can carry on handeling all the requests...

So you have less chance of a single server failing and taking an application of the network..
ac_davis2002Author Commented:
Thanks DevilWAH I have raised as a new questioned titled redundency accross servers if you want to add a comment I'll award the points.

Aaron StreetTechnical infrastructure architectureCommented:
And Vishal, Although i agree in essence with what you say. i think theres a very gray area between mission critical an non important..

my test servers are non important and not mission critical..

my back up server however is not mission critical becasue in theroy i dont need it on 24/7. in fact due to snap shots and redundent servers it would be a couple of days before its absence would start causing any inpace at all..

running with 80 odd servers means that we have to grade our servers in several different classes.

Mission critical... DC's, big data base servers, exchange.  (if DC's go down then almost all otehr apps go ofline becasue they rely on DNS and AD functions..
Critical servers... other servers taht hold live data that users access..
Non critical servers.. back up server, monitering servers. servers that are "live" but dont impact end users directly.
Test servers..

This is the order that they would be restored from in even of a site wide wipe out. and are also the effect they would have on the buisness if they were to fail.

So although i agree with waht you say. on a big site with lots of servers it not quite as stright forward as mission critical and other..

but basical. if you can't live with out a server, then is critical to your mission i supose..
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