Windows 2003 Page file for DC

I would like to know what best practices are for setting up a Page file for a windows 2003 DC. I have always been told to set it up as 1 and half times the size of memory and set the minimum and maximum settings to the same. IE if I had 1 gig of ram my page file would be 2.5 gig for minimum and maximum. Or should I let windows manage the page file.
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the info you have is correct as a rule, do not let windows manage your page file as this is an exta overhead as windows has to constantly calculate and adjust the page file.
otherb things to consider are the disks you have the PF on and how it is configured ie raid 5
dont put it on a mirrored partition and keep it away from the os disk if possible
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Ideally the page file should be on another physical disk for max performance (but i doubt you will notice the difference. Setting both the max and min size to be 1.5x ram is a good idea, a fixed size not only saves on time taken to resize the file it also cuts down on fragmentation making it more efficient.

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Thank you
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