redundency accross servers


Can someone please expline to me the term redundency accross servers?

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myin68Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Redundancy can mean different things depending on the function of the server.  For domain controllers redundancy means having more than one; if 1 fails, the other is still available.  DC replicate all Active Directory info so they're almost like a copy of each other.  You can have many DCs for redundancy and load-sharing.   The same can be said for AD integrated DNS servers.

If you're talking about DHCP servers, it might involve having more than 1 server, each handing out IPs from a different scope in the same subnet.  If 1 fails, the other is still available to hand out IPs.

If you're talking about web servers you could cluster the servers into a farm so that multiple servers contain the same info and look as 1 to the public.  If 1 fails, you have others still available to the public.  Like when you go to you could be connecting to 1 of hundreds of servers to do your searches.

The concept of redundancy applies to whatever the role of the server might be.  Have more than 1 in case of a failure.

Hope that helps.
ac_davis2002Author Commented:
Thanks myin68 yep it does
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