ftp data archive corrupted when downloaded from site

I have a site that we archive 4 directories to 4 different archives. After that, I create one archive with all 4 archives and then it is uploaded to an ftp server. To test the archive locally, the main archive extracts the 4 archives properly and each of the 4 archives extract properly.
Now when I download the one archive off of the ftp site, I can't open it. I downloaded a program called BitZipper and when I extract the archive, it tells me that the local header is damaged. I can still extract the 4 archives though. Each of the 4 archives extracted all give me the same error about the local header is damaged but I am able to extract all of the files.

My batch file is as follows
Pkzip25 -add -lev9 -rec c:\batch\data1.zip e:\data\*.*
(this is the same for the other 3 directories that I archive. Then I run this
Pkzip25 -add -lev0 -rec c:\batch\alldata.zip c:\batch\*.zip
I log into the ftp site
Delete the existing file
Set the data to binary
Put c:\batch\alldata.zip
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warrenbucklesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try changing your compression level from '9' to something less - maybe '5' for a trial.  I have seen problems with high compression on certain types of files - .psd (Photoshop) and .raw (raw image), for example.

johnbowdenAuthor Commented:
I will try that
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