A static route is needed on a PIX 506E

I have a PIX 506E.  It has 2 ports only. Port 0 and port 1.  I am using port 0 for internet accessit is a 209.x.x.x public address, routing to my ISP's Gateway.  My port 1 is my LAN side.  It is a 10.1.1.x subnet.  I need to add a device that will require a static route also on the LAN side of the PIX. It will be a 10.45.130.x subnet.  What statements do I need to add to my PIX to make the 10.1.1.x talk to the 10.45.130.x even though basically both networks are on the same port 1?  I am switching on an unmanaged switch.
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ip route 10.45.130.x FastEthernet 0/1
Addendum: scratch that command, it was for a router.  The command for the PIX might involve creating 2 virtual interfaces on port 1.  One interface with 10.1.1.x /24 and the other with 10.45.130 /30.  Then the PIX would know how to route traffic between interfaces.  You'll have to decide if you want both interfaces to have the same security level, or one be higher than the other, and create the appropriate ACLs to allow communication.
NukebugAuthor Commented:
They could both have the same level of security since they are both on the inside and trusted.  How would the virtual interfaces be created, and how would the ACLs work?  Would it be helpful to see the current config?
The easiest way to create the interfaces, NATs and ACLs is using the PDM by going to https://<ip address of inside interface>.

You can create the interfaces, assign them to a VLAN, set IPs, etc.  There's also a Translations for creating NATs tab and Rules tab for creating ACLs.  There's also a checkbox you can select to allow interfaces at same security level to tak to each other.

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