Unable to set JSESSIONID if browsing from blackberry device

We've developed a J2EE application that is deployed on an IBM Websphere server.  Security and session management is all being handled by the application server using JAVA session management interfaces.  It creates a session ID name JSESSIONID and assigns a unique value for this. This cookie is then being use for session management.  It works fine on ordinary browsers, but not for Blackberry browsers. Somehow this JSESSION cookie does not get created, but other cookies are being created.  I'm not sure if BES is messing it up or we missed something on the configuration.
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HonorGodSoftware EngineerCommented:
Oh, interesting question.

What version of WebSphere (e.g., V 6.1 Network Deployment)?

What web server (e.g, IHS 6.1) ?
niko_edralinAuthor Commented:
Our version of WAS is This implements load balancing. the application has been deployed to the two servers. An alias has been created to access the content switch which then decides which server it goes to. When the DNS is used to accessed the application it works fine, whether from blackBerry or PC. when the alias is accessed from a blackberry this is when JSESSIONID is not passed. We tried to turn off one of the web server it points to so the content switch is forced to access just one web server, however, the error still happens.
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HonorGodSoftware EngineerCommented:
So, it sounds like you have WSAS ND (Network Deployment) with a cluster of two nodes.
Is that correct?

What load balancer are you using?

When you say JSESSIONID is not passed, is it that
- it isn't being received by the PDA, or
- it isn't being generated on the AppServer, or
- it isn't being forwarded (returned) by the webserver/plugin, or
- it isn't being forwarded (returned) by the load balancer, ...?

You might want to use something like wireshark (http://wireshark.org) to see exactly what is flowing over the network.
niko_edralinAuthor Commented:
yup you got the first one. As for the load balancer, I'm not sure about it.  Content switch?

Lastly about the JSESSION not being passed, it isnt being forwarded by the BlackBerry enterprise server
HonorGodSoftware EngineerCommented:
Sorry for not responding sooner.  I was on a cruise, and my bride forbade me from bringing my computer... :-)

What is the "BlackBerry enterprise server", and where does it exist in the scheme of things?

It's not clear to me where the JSESSIONID value exists, and where it might be getting removed (stripped) from the header.  Do you know?
niko_edralinAuthor Commented:
This has been left open for quite some time now. Our BES group was able to forward the JSESSIONID already. So closing the issue. Thanks

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