3com 2924 Managed Switch


I have just installed a 3com switch, out of the box.
Plugged into our network, where we have approximately 10 PCs connected to a few 2k3 servers.
I have not set up anything on the switch as of yet, it came out of the box and replaced our older 24 port 10/100mbps switch.
Since I have replaced it, we are getting issues login into the domain.

I am getting errors in my event log saying that the domain controller cannot be found, yet if I plug the old switch back in, i don't get these errors.

I have implemented these in other clients offices and since we have had these problems I have checked a few client PCs at other offices and they are also getting the same errors using these switches.

Windows XP Pro pops up with a bubble after logging in, saying 'Could not reconnect network drives...'  - As implied, we do not see this error message after putting everyone back into our old switch.

What could be the issue here?
Anyone seen something like this before? I have always seen this switch marketted as 'out of the box configuration should work for everyone.' so to speak.

Suggestions appreciated!
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suppose you have to ask your reseller for help or even ask 3com about the problem you have.
the switch should work just out of the box.
Sounds like DNS/NETBIOS traffic cannot get through. Out of the box that should work. Now are you using this as a managed switch? If not, some switches allow you to disable management. May want to try that to see if it then works.
I suppose asker got answer to his question. 3 experts agreed that out of the box configuration should work without problem.
if Asker feels his q was misunderstood, he can clarify details here also.
i suppose asker's comment needed.
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MarkMichaelAuthor Commented:

It seems that (still under testing for the moment) that the out of box configuration is not the way for me, or many of my clients.
I called support and they told me to read the manual! (sigh) so this unit does indeed need some configuration out-of-the box on a totally default install.

Either way, the problem seems to be STP Spanning Tree Protocol. Turning that off has solved the issue. It seemed that it was affecting DHCP to a level not totally understandable to myself, but I have half a clue of what it was doing. So in escence, turning this off works fine. I know my switch is now subseptable to looping, but i have never had an issue in the past with this option defaulted to being off on any other of my switches.

Thanks for the help though..

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First of all thanks for all the information that each one is sharing out. When I joined to this exchange few months ago, I never had a question that wasn't answered. I find it easy to resolve technical problems.

Here's my question, do I need to disable STP in all the 3com 2924 switches and which tab: Device>Spanning Tree>Setup>Global Settingsl>Spanning Tree State>Disable or
Device>Spanning Tree>Modify>STP>Disable

thanks a million!
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You will need to open up a question of your own and have the Experts respond there.

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