connect suse linux box to xp pro box

I have a suse linux box which handles special 3d image system.  I then need to transfer these images to an xp pro box so users can utilize Geomagic(graphic) software.  Up to now, users have been using a Maxtor external drive and moving the USB cable from box to box.  I need a better way.  If you can help please be specific as I know little about linux
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johnohareConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I am using Suse Linux from Gom.  It came with Samba.  Did not really find specific details on how to set up the Nic on the Linux side until I called in for professional support.  Had to find configuration in "Yast".  It was kind of in depth.  
Look up samba setup for SuSE. Once you setup samba share on linux you can drive map your windows pc to that location.

I have never used this, but I found a link for a tool that supposedly makes samba setup easy...

You can also find plenty of samba info on the web. Good Luck

johnohareAuthor Commented:
the link provided is unavailable
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