How to send email from a shared contact


Not sure why this is difficult but ... I have the mailbox rights permissions set for a domain user to "read permissions" and "full mail box access". In Outlook 2003, I can add that contacts to a particular user's shared contacts no problem then open and make changes to it.

The question is ... how to send email from an entry in that shared contacts address book? It doesn't show up in the "Tools / Option / Address Book / Option" list to add as an address book.

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It sounds like you have a shared contacts folder that contains external contacts and that you can manage and edit the contacts. It also sounds like you are asking how you can send an email from one of these external contacts.

If that is correct then you can't do it. You cannot send email from a domain that you do not have permissions to relay from. By default these days all SMTP servers are configured not to allow relaying.
DavidBloomAuthor Commented:
Hi Mass, and thank you for responding to my somewhat poorly worded question.

That's not quite it. All this is occurs within a single AD domain by authenticated users. The contacts are within an AD user's exchange mailbox contacts folder being shared by another AD user's Outlook 2003. Is that considered relaying? If authenticated user A is trusted by authenticated user B (and both by the single AD), what prevents B from sending email from A's shared contacts folder?

And yes, the contacts within the shared folder are external to the domain.
You can't send from an external address that you don't have relaying permissions for.

You can send to the shared contact but you can't add it tp the send from field and send as the shared contact.
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DavidBloomAuthor Commented:
Ok, I see what you're getting at. But this isn't about trying to put an external domain contact in the "Send As". All I'm trying to do is "Send To" a shared contact. That's all!
The shared contact list won't show up in the address lists. You need to browse to the shared contact folder and select New message to contact ot try this. Right click the shared contacts folder > Properties > Outlook Address Book > Tick Show this folder as email address book > Ok.

DavidBloomAuthor Commented:
That's the first thing I tried. And yes, I can right click and "new message" a single contact, but this is for an e-newsletter type of mail-out to our clients; and unfortunately the "new message" option doesn't work on selection sets. There is also no "show this folder as email address book" option for the shared contacts folder as I initially expected to see.

What's the point of shared contacts if it's so crippled? Hopefully there's a permissions setting that can change that ...

Help!  :-)
DavidBloomAuthor Commented:
The eminent Sue Mosher has the solution:

Ah, you want to see a contact list from someone else's mailbox? That's quite a different (and complex) operation, that will probably require some additional cooperation from that person:

1. Start with a profile that logs directly onto the other user's mailbox, not your own.

2. On the Properties dialog for the other user's Contacts folder, make sure that it's set to display in the Outlook Address Book and give it a display name other than contacts, such as Joe's Contacts.

3. Close Outlook.

4. In Control Panel | Mail, edit the *same profile* to change the mailbox from the other user's to your own. On the Advanced tab of the Exchange Server service, add the other user's mailbox as a secondary mailbox.

5. Restart Outlook, and you should see the Joe's Contacts in your Outlook Address Book as well as your own Contacts folder.

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