windows 2003 server recommended drive setup for large storage

I am building a server from scratch.  I need 3 TB storage.   It will be a Raid 5 setup.   My question is do I just partition some space for the operating system or do I install another smaller drive or drives (would like raid 5)...  

which is the best scenario...   also as long as the controller supports the number of drives can I create 2 seperate raid5 drives on the same controller?
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You should seperate it in 2 raids.

Set up 2 disks (more if you are extra paranoid) in a Raid 1-mirror for the OS.

Set up the rest in Raid5

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Zoldy2000Author Commented:
Can I do this all the same controller...  Or seperate raid controllers as well.

you recommned this because it is faster or just more reliable?

You can do this on the same controller.

I do it this way because I find it reliable. The OS access time will be worse in Raid1, so it wont be faster.
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
Ok so I could then build 2 raid 5 disks on the same controller..?

performance is very important in this case
If you are using a 32 bit OS, the only way to have a single physical disk over about 1.8 to 2 TB is using GPT.  A hardware raid controller masks the individual disks and reports the space of the array as a single physical disk.  If you are trying to get more than about 1.8 TB into one array, you will need a separate array for your OS.  When you use GPT, the entire disk will have to be formatted with GPT - it can't be split like FAT or NTFS.  Also, you cannot boot from a GPT partition.  Therefore, you would need one array for an NTFS boot disk and then the large disk formatted in GPT.  If you can split the 3 TB into multiple arrays, it will be easier.  Personally, unless you know you are using disk intensive applications like databases, I would go with the previous suggestion.  Make a raid 1 for the OS.  Then make a raid 5 for data.  If you are still looking at exceeding 1.8-2TB on the raid 5, split it into multiple raid 5's.
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