How do i compare 2 files in fedora 8 quickly and resolve difference's

Im running Fedora 8 kernal

I need to compare 2 dns database files and resolve the differences

Ive looked for an RPM but to no joy

Anyone help recommend anything?


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I use kompare - installed as default along with KDE on my FC6 box.

If you need it 

This link should work.

Download and install using

sudo rpm -ivh kdesdk-kompare-3.0.3-2.i386.rpm

Best using it from the GUI as it highlights the sections that differ and allows you to make the changes necessary to resolve the differences.

Much better than the old school diff command. But for the sake of completeness you may wanna check that out also. Definitely installed as part of your default install.

Good Luck Darren

Actually you install it in fedora 8 using yum...

sudo yum install kdesdk


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D_McleanAuthor Commented:
Wow what a quick response

This is exactly what i needed

Many thanks Malcolm
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