companyweb won't open

I am running SBS 2003 R2, using OWA. I am trying to give outside users access to the 'companyweb' using Remote Web Workplace. I can login to OWA using the following: https://webmail/ I can also get to the 'Welcome' screen splash page for SBS 2003 using the same URL (sans the 'Exchange'), where my choices are
'My Company's Internal Web Site'; 'Network Configuration Wizard'; 'Remote Web Workplace'; 'Information and Answers'

The 'RWW' links will take me to the RWW login, and it allows me to login. The 'My Company's Internal WS' link doesn't work: it returns 'Directory Listing Denied  this virtual directory does not allow contents to be listed'. I noticed too that the https changes to http when the link is clicked.

I get the same result when trying to access the company web after logging in to RWW

I have the following ports open on the firewall, all pointing to the SBS server:
23; 25; 80; 443; 444; 1723; 3389; 4125; 5631

I didn't think it would this difficult to give outside users access to SServices or the Company Web.
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RWW should not be used from within the Lan, there is really no need for that

have you tried


see what happens and try to login from there with different user accounts...
also if you can tell of any errors in event viewer...
patkengroupAuthor Commented:
I should clarify: I am not using RWW form WITHIN the Lan. In fact, i I don't have any problems INSIDE the Lan accessing the companyweb. All of my problems are form the OUTSIDE.

I can hit OWA from the outside using I can get to the RWW login from the outside using, and then clicking on the 'Remote Web Workplace' link.

I CANNOT get to the company web from the same location using the 'My Company Internal Web Site' link. It tries to open http://companyweb, but when redirected to that URL, i get a the 'page cnnot be displayed' response. Remember: the same URL will opne form INSIDE the network

Does that clarify my problem?
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patkengroupAuthor Commented:
I am still looking for an answer to this issue.

It may be unique to my situation, but i find it hard to believe that someone else isn't experiencing this same issue. It seems to be an IIS problem, not a firewall problem. Any thoughts out there?
sharjeel ashrafSenior Network EngineerCommented:
check the permisions on the default web site and companyweb site under directory security, and make sure the access is not granted just to internal ip addresses.
sharjeel ashrafSenior Network EngineerCommented:
it is because http://companyweb is not on the internet DNS translation, therefore the system will try to translate, and not get anyresponce, you need to change the url to http://<your domain name>/companyweb.

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patkengroupAuthor Commented:
Thank you. That did it! I made the DNS adjustment, and it worked.
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