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We are using a program called Wondershare Demo Creator.  We use it to capture screen videos and produce a flash file for use on our website.  We also add pop up text blocks explaining what we are doing.

Our problem is with the flash files it outputs.  It produces an SWF with built in player controls (Play-Stop-Etc).

The output video appears to consist of multiple layers of video:
-Video of Desktop
-Video of mouse pointer
-Video of pop up text boxes

If we watch a part of the video start to finish it plays fine.  If we rewind, only the 1st layer rewinds.  The mouse appears to not rewind, and continue playing from the original point.  The pop-up text boxes are unpredictable.

Anyway, it appears that the SWF file is not flattening the seperate video streams.  Are there any third party aps capable of flattening an SWF into one steady video stream.  When  I import the video into Flash MX 6, I do not see multiple layers, but rather a single layer full of garbage not resembling my video.

Based on this information, do you think flattening the video would solve the problem.  My only export option from this software is SWF, so I cannot export to a standard video file first.  I've tried using a program like VisualHub to convert the video to a standard file, such as AVI but it fails instantly.

Also, this company's support has not responded to any of our emails, but the software is the only one that has all of the features that we need and is economical for our application.

Thanks for your help.
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I think the only possible solution would be trying to access the internals of the generated swf (but we would run into security issues for the player) and find the separated movieclips and rewind them via actionscript. If you can send a sample swf so I can make some tests.

Also you can try this:

compsol1993Author Commented:
I tried that program and it wasn't able to read the file.  I'm reluctant about the Action Script because we will be needing to re-produce these videos in the future.

Attached is an example file, thanks for the help.  Just rename to .SWF.

you could create a application that gets a picture of every frame in the swf, and converts to jpeg sequence, just like taking sequencial print screen. You can do that in flash (using timer and bitmap data), but it would be veeery slow in performance, or try something in c# or VB using the flash activex wrapped, and do the print screns in the desktop program (c# or VB). This would be a solution.

I downloaded your swf, but was not able to reproduce the problem. Here , after it plays till the end, when restarted, or slided or anything, everything works again: mouse, clicks, hilites etc. How can I reproduce it here? (the error?)
compsol1993Author Commented:

Thats very interesting that you cannot re-produce it.  How are you playing?  What version of flash do you have installed?

The way I consistantly reproduce the problem is I play the video until one of the yellow pop up boxes appear.  Then I rewind to the beginning.  Just about everytime I do this, that yellow text box gets stuck and is shown at the beginning.  Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it does not.

As for the VB/C-Sharp, that is a good point.  I may decide to go that route.

Thanks again.
Just for you to have an idea, I created here a sample application in flex that saves all the presentation frames as bitmap. Of course as i said, the performance is not good , you should get a lot better performance in c#, but it works. Depends on your computer ram and length of the presentation. If you want I can send that to you, and you could finish it. It is a very simple app, but works as a conversion. Then to save to a file, you should use some other stuff. I'll try to make it full working, but I won't promise. If you want what I've done till now, I can send so you have an example.

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