Newbee to Coldfusion - Help Required


I have been looking at changing from  PHP/MYSQL to Coldfusion. I have downloaded the developer server and it looks fantasic! I would like people to submit, tutorials/resources for a Coldfusion newbee. Also I would like to hear from anyone who has made the transition from PHP and what there experiences are.

The two things that are worrying me are

(i) the lack of 3rd party bits (blogs, CMS, image uploaders) available at the moment.

(ii) the market share of coldfusion. Where does it sit at the moment compared to .NET and PHP, is it making a comaback or os it always doomed to be a 'second class citizen'?

I would be interested to hear anything you wish to share on this topic.

Many thanks,

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1) there are tons of resources out there, maybe not as many as php but there are goods resources - great place for tutorials list of good resources (ray's site is also full of free stuff and advice) blog aggregator some of the best opensource stuff full apps and "plugins" -  Ben has been the leading spokesman for cf for years.
also check out the developer exchange at adobe...there's 1000's of free, shareware and payware code examples

As for CF "dying", this has been a rumor stated as fact for almost as long as I have been using it (since v4 almost 10 years ago) Cf is used in thousands of sites, something like 70% of fortune 100 sites use it. Many sites however don't show up on web stats as they are intranet sites.
Check Bens Who's Using CF

CF is easy to use from zero experience, is incredibly powerful for experieinced users and has so many built features with 8 that is really quite amazing.

one tag pdf creation - yep
server side image processing - yep
inherent security against XSS - yep
tag based ajax  - yep
falsh based forms - yep
charting - yep
reporting - yep

and on and on


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and one other point... if Adobe would release CF for free, I believe you would rapidly uptake among .net and php developers... it is just so easy to use. but the price point puts it out of reach for most non-corporate coders.
roscoeh23Author Commented:
Great information but I don't understand the last point. I can download and user the developer edition for free and get hosting at about the same cost as Linux hosting.

What are the restrictions, what can I not do with my developer edition?


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roscoeh23Author Commented:
Another thing looking at the CMS, they are expensive are there any good free ones or ones at less than $200 US.
dev edition is limited to 2 IP's for testing and there is some watermarking the is done.

You can created and test all your code locally and then upload it to a shared CF host...that is what it's meant for.

The last point was basically lots and lots of LAMP servers are user owned because they are cheap and that if you want your own CF server you need to fork out $1500 or so. Alot of PHP dev is done by non-corporates types and one of the big reasons it is so popular is that it is free.

.NET is somewhat similar to CF in that it costs money to set up your own (you need to buy Windows Server) but the you don't need to by an app server as well.

as for CMS's, check out riaforge, I think there are several decent ones there

(or write your own like i have ;)

One other thing,

I highly recommend CFEclipse (the CF plugin for Eclipse) you can spend the big bucks for Dreamweaver but i hate the code it writes and i love the CVS, and the tons of other plugins for eclipse
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