Network Card doesn't Recognize Network Status

Hi Guys!

I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 with a Broadcom 440x Network Card with Windows XP Pro.  My problem is that the card doesn't recognize a change in Link status.  If the cable is plugged in when the card is disabled then enabled it will show as connected, receives a DHCP address then all network activity ceases.  When I pull the cable out the link light stays on.  

If the cable is unplugged while it is disabled then when it is enabled it shows as disconnected.  When I plug the cable in it  lights showing on the card.

What I have done:

-Tested the cable and wall jack (works fine on two other laptops)
-Tried a variety of drivers (latest to earlier ones)
-Adjusted the Speed and Duplex Setting (Tried all settings with no change in behaviour)
-Scanned the PC for Spyware and viruses
-Ran a repair with Winsock V1.2
-Uninstalled then reinstalled networking components (Add/Remove programs)

I guess in the end I am just wondering if this can only be hardware or if anyone else has any ideas.

Thanks in Advance,

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Broadcon cards have a LOT of issues.

I would try installing a seperate NIC card and see if it does the same thing if it does not then it is probably a hardware problem with the broadcom considering you have ruled out all other possibilites.

Since it is an onboard one check the capacitors on the motherboard and see if they are bloated and or leaking as this would signify a bad motherboard which could cause issues like this.
bonovox011Author Commented:
I opened it up and found everything looking normal.  Closed it up and the same problem is still happening... I am going to try the next couple fo steps:

-Do a repair on Windows XP, I think maybe the it could be a software at the kernal level.
-Run Ultimate Boot Cd and run some Network Diagnostics

I will keep you updated as to how I get along.
bonovox011Author Commented:
Hey Brian,

Just thought that you'd like to know that the diagnostics couldn't detect the network card at all so I have to determine that there is a hardware problem.  I've decided just toretire the laptop and move on.

Thanks for the response though!
So then it was a hardware issue as I had said above. I figured it probably was that is why I mentioned trying a seperate NIC card

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