Exchange Active Sync Does not delete emails

I am using Exchange Active Sync with my Palm Treo 700wx.  Our exchange server is setup on a SBS2003 machine.

Exchange Active Sync work fine EXCEPT when I delete items on my phone they are not deleted from my inbox.  Also, items that I read on my phone are not marked as read in the inbox.

Any tweaks that I need to make here?
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jspazianoConnect With a Mentor ctoCommented:
I have the same problem with a user.. except it's not on SBS but Exchange Enterprise.

It seems that it's a bug in the phone.
Others have reported similar problems with Windows Mobile 5 .. suggestions have been to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 if/when an update becomes available for the phone.
Another solution is to delete the exchange server profile and then re-create it.  This will re-establish the profile and should correct the issue and also help without having to do a hard reset on the device.
I'm having this problem with 2 mobile users using TREO 700wx and WM is not available yet. Can you tell me how to delete the exchange server profile and then re-create without losing data on our SBS2003?
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