Delphi, COM - Including one type library in another type library

I am a Delphi (7.0 Professional) developer. I have developed 2 separate type libraries in 2 separate project groups. I need to use / reference some of the interfaces that are defined in type library B in type library A. Eg. interface ISomething is defined in type library B. Interface IAnother is defined in type library A. Interface IAnother has a method/property that must return a result of type ISomething. How can I do this?
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Russell LibbyConnect With a Mentor Software Engineer, Advisory Commented:
Assuming that you have registered type lib B, then in project A you can:

- bring up the type library viewer
- select the top level node (library)
- go to the uses tab
- right click, show all type libraries
- check the type library for B

then when defining methods / props, you will the see the references from B available as data types.

RianaSteynAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help. The type libraries were registered so with the help of your instructions the problem was solved in less than 5 minutes!
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