NTBackup quiet mode

Hello there,
I cannot set up ntbackup with something what I call "quiet mode".
Let me explain. I run ntbackup with parameters from scheduled job. Everything is fine until ntbackup has a problem. If the problem occurs, ntbackup is simply showing message box with error. As you can imagine, it interrupts the script and scheduled job is hung.
I didn't find any solution. I cannot find ntbackup program parameter like "/quiet".
I disabled "Show alert..." options under ntbackup confiuration. Still the same problem...
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Hello HaddadTech,
Look at this link from EE

It covers ALL of teh command line options.


HaddadTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link.
Actually, I'm pretty aware of NTBackup commands (that's why I set "Advanced on this subject" question option). I deal with this tool for couple of years.
I thought that there's some extra command or special configuration to set quiet mode.
I think then this is impossible and it may be a bug, like this one with wrong NTBackup's error codes (well known problem for long time, not fixed yet):
I'll wait, may be somebody in the world had the same problem...
HaddadTech, sorry if the link was insulting, wasn't meant that way. But all told, NTBACKUP is pretty simplistic as you know and there is no Silent mode available with it. The only option you have really is another more advanced backup system.

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HaddadTechAuthor Commented:
I think you may be right and looking for this option is hopeless.
Bad news is also a news, so I accept this as a solution.
Thanks for your time.
HaddadTech,   Thanks for the points. I hope your able to find a suitable solution for your backups. I use Acronis myself and have never had a problem. But there a loads of Good Backup programs out there.
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